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IoT Threats

IoT Could Stand for Internet of Threats.

As billions of things, from phones and TVs to watches and lightbulbs, become smart and connected, enterprises everywhere become less secure. The reality is these devices are creating openings that can be exploited by attackers to eavesdrop, steal data and compromise your ongoing business operations.

How? It’s really a combination of design and opportunity. Many of these devices are built with convenience, not security, in mind, so they often have vulnerable interfaces, unprotected storage, hardcoded backdoors, unencrypted communications, and insecure pairing procedures that can be exploited. They also typically communicate over the “air”, via open hotspots, unmanaged or public wireless networks, and peer-to-peer (P2P) wireless connections, so they are completely invisible to your traditional enterprise management and security systems. 

Cy-oT shuts down these attack openings, giving you total visibility into all IoT activity and protecting you from IoT and wireless-born attacks. 

Keep Your Business Safe from IoT- and Wireless-born Attacks

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Fill the Cybersecurity Gap

Continuously monitor, control and protect against attacks from smart connected devices in your airspace to support your cybersecurity and compliance objectives.

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Embrace IoT & Wireless

Empower your digital transformation by safely taking advantage of all that IoT and wireless devices have to offer.

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Achieve Greater Security with Your Team

Automate all IoT monitoring, analysis and protection to ensure you don’t add to the workload of your security operations.

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