Cyber of Things

Protecting enterprises in a smart connected world


We are surrounded by billions of connected devices.

The desire to have a modern, innovative work environment has brought these devices into organizations, and connected them to their networks.

This opens a huge hole in the cyber-security defense perimeter of organizations since these devices are extremely vulnerable and are the easiest way for hackers to infiltrate networks.

This is where Cy-oT comes in, providing an integrated and effortless security solution.

Cy-oT protects the world’s most sensitive enterprise organizations including financial institutions, banks, data centers, government agencies, healthcare organizations, manufacturing facilities, defense contractors and scada companies.

Cy-oT offers the most comprehensive end-to-end solution, identifying potential threats and keeping your organization safe

Providing full visibility 
of all wireless devicess
Leveraging data science to ensure accurate detection of malicious activities
Mitigating threats and
neutralizing malicious activity in real-time