Making the Connected World a Secure One

Protecting Your Airspace from IoT Vulnerabilities & Threats

Born to Secure IoT

Cy-oT was founded to fill the cybersecurity gap created by the billions of Internet-connected things operating in and around businesses everywhere. We saw how hard it was for enterprises to track, at the most basic level, all the devices coming in and out of their environment. We knew it was almost impossible to use existing tools and resources to figure out what all these smart connected devices were doing and whether or not they should be doing it.

Traditional security solutions were simply not equipped to monitor and mitigate threats in the airspace, and most IoT solutions relied too much on already overworked and overwhelmed network and security teams to try to interpret and take action to protect the enterprise from IoT-born threats. We knew, thanks to our cybersecurity and data science backgrounds, there was a better way.

It’s why we built our enterprise-grade defense the way we did – adding visibility and security, without adding to the burden of your team. We delivered the first IoT security solution capable of identifying vulnerabilities, detecting threats and stopping attacks within an enterprise’s airspace, which often extends beyond the physical walls of the company. We uniquely combined machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation techniques to create a zero-touch, self-managed solution that immediately provides valuable insights and ongoing protection from risky IoT activity.

With Cy-oT, IoT no longer represents a risk, but rather the opportunity to improve the intelligence, efficiency and productivity of the enterprise in a way that’s safe.


natan bandler

Natan Bandler

CEO & Co-Founder
A cyber-security entrepreneur, business development, product management and communication technologies expert. Previously founded a cyber intelligence startup and a consulting company. In the last 20 years held senior positions in various global and startup companies creating new product lines and leading them to international business success. Natan served in the 8200 cyber-intelligence unit of the IDF and holds B.Sc, cum laude from the Technicon and M.B.A from Kellogg.
Daniel Moscovici

Daniel Moscovici

CMO & Co-Founder
A cyber-security entrepreneur, product management & marketing, communication technologies and r&d management expert. In the last 20 years has held senior positions in leading security and infrastructure companies, working with the top global enterprises to deliver successful cutting-edge products. He holds a B.Sc degree in Communications Systems Engineering from Ben Gurion University and M.B.A from Kellogg.
Assaf Schuster

Prof. Assaf Schuster

CTO & Co-Founder
A world leading expert of distributed and scalable data science, big data analytics, prediction and cyber security. His algorithms and methods are used by companies such as Intel, Microsoft and more. In recent years, his research group has focused on big data and scalable, real-time knowledge discovery in distributed data streams. Assaf is an ACM fellow and was recently awarded IEEE fellow

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